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Hidalgo County Precinct 4 Terry Road Stormwater Project Officially Commences

Hidalgo County Precinct 4 celebrated the official commencement of the Terry Road Stormwater Project with a groundbreaking ceremony this morning near the North Main Drain on Terry Road.

The Terry Road Stormwater Project is the first of the 12 stormwater projects that Precinct 4 is executing with the County's American Rescue Plan Act allocation of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF). Labor will be conducted by the Hidalgo County Drainage District.

"Precinct 4 is [demonstrating] that we listen to our constituents when they call about experiencing flooding," said Commissioner Ellie Torres.

The project aims to reduce flooding from Rogers Road to Terry Road. Improvements include the addition of a pipe network, inlets improvements, roadside grading, swale grading, road crossings and ditch improvements of the North Branch Drain system, which serves as the outfall drain for the stormwater system.

For more information regarding Precinct 4's SLFRF projects, please click the button below.

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